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Travis Newman

“After serving over a decade in the United States Marine Corps including time deployed in Iraq, I found peace and beauty again through art. Although not trained in the fine arts, creativity has always let joy and happiness shine through at the darkest times. My artwork often contains semi-abstract or blurred backgrounds, with an image that is in focus. I believe this resembles life in that there is some much going on around the world that focus is only on specific items at a time.”


“I use many mediums from stone to acrylic plexi-glass.  I really enjoy working with alcohol based paints and experimenting with new techniques.  I find the subjects of my art within the backgrounds I create.”



“I’m inspired by the southern lifestyle on the water with wildlife and nature as my primary magnetism.  I find there are so many details of the this beautiful region that go unnoticed by all of the day’s distractions.  It is a pleasure to capture these moments with a brush.”

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Contact Travis